What kind of account type I can apply?
Can I open securities account if I am not HK resident?
Can I trade immediately after account opening?
How to reset password?
How to update my personal information?
How to receive daily/monthly statements?
May I require to receive the physical daily/monthly statements by mail?
How can I check the fees and charges?
What is the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) of the US?
Which clients in Victory Securities Limited Company are affected?
Where can I find information about FATCA?
What are the Common Reporting Standards (CRS)?
Why is CRS related to me?
Can I choose not to declare my CRS data?
What is the customer's responsibility in reporting?
CRS related information
What is risk tolerance assessment?
What determines the result of the evaluation?
How to open an account online and what documents are required?
What should I do if the account opening application is rejected?
What if the bank card verification fails?
What if the ID card recognition is wrong?
How to know if my account is approved?
How to activate my account?
How to receive online login account information and password?
What are the trading rules of the Hong Kong stock market?
What are the trading hours of the Hong Kong securities market?
What are the trading hours of the US securities market?
What are the trading hours of the Stock Connect (Northbound) securities market?
How can I authorize others to make trading instructions for me?
Why is my order not accepted?
What stock market trading services does Victory provide?
How to activate functions such as foreign stock market, derivatives and China Connect?
If my computer or mobile phone suddenly crashes or disconnects while using online trading, how can I cancel or change my transaction order?
What is two-factor authentication (2FA) and why do you need two-factor authentication?
Why does the system show that my security code service has not been activated during registration?
Can I register VIC TOKEN on multiple devices?
Can I use the VIC TOKEN on the tablet?
Can I receive a security code in the Mainland?
Why does the system show that my one-time password is incorrect when I log in?
I want to change my phone, what are the steps?
What should I do if the mobile device with the security code activated is lost or stolen?
Why does the security code software need to set up a password?
How to reset the password for security code software?
What are the system requirements for installing VIC TOKEN?
What are the settlement rules for the Hong Kong stock market?
How to deposit into stock account?
How can I upload deposit certificate.
After submitting the deposit certificate, how long will the account be updated?
How to withdraw funds from a stock account? (For clients with a Hong Kong bank account)
How to withdraw funds from a stock account? (For clients without a Hong Kong bank account)
How can I deposit my physical stock?
How can I withdraw the physical stock?
How can I deposit or withdraw stock through CCASS?
How can I change of registered holder of physical stock?
Stock Index and Investment Income
What is Ex-Right?
The difference between Stock Dividends and Capitalisation of Reserves
AH Share Concept - What is AH share?
Stock Trading Terms
What is initial public offering (IPO)?
How can I check the prospectus for IPO?
What are the benefits of an online subscription?
How to amend or cancel the IPO subscription instruction?
How can I know the result of an IPO subscription?
IPO subscription fee
When will the subscription payment be deducted?
After the subscription fund is returned, when will it be available?
Should I have sufficient cash in my account for an IPO subscription?
After the IPO result is announced, what should I do if the shares distributed in my account exceed the required amount?
Should I use the maximum leverage for a margin subscription?
Can I apply for both cash subscription and margin subscription simultaneously?
Can the fund deposit be used for an IPO subscription immediately on the day?
Can the fund of the security selling on the day be used for IPO subscription?
What are the rules for IPO subscription? Shouldn't the subscription success rate be higher with increasing subscription amount?