Victory Insurance Consultants Ltd

Implemented by continuous innovation pursuing, 「Victory」turns into one of the foremost providers of diversified financial services and products in the market. Our seamless integrated financial structure enables us to serve the investment, banking and insurance to our clients. We aim to establish a core business structure to carry an integrated financial services platform with One client, multiple products –A one-stop services.

Victory Insurance Consultants Ltd. provides a comprehensive insurance plans and financial solutions to accomodate most of the insurance need of individuals and corporations. We will always be with you through all good and tough times to protect you and your families against financial losses casued by not only acident, but also your health.

In a fast changing market, we will face different kinds of risks, i.e. investment risks, accident, illness, etc. or gaps between actual results and expectations, which can be assessed in advance and pre-prepared by doing financial planning for better risk control. Therefore, insurance allows you to transfer these risks to another entities, usually insurance companies. By transferring the risks to such an entity and paying the required premium, you are protected against such risks and may receive the compensation in case of any financial losses incurred. This will help you and your family maintain financial stability if the insurded gets sick or becomes unable to work.

Victory Insurance Consultants Ltd. not only provides solution on insurace area, but also life savings and investment plans as well. With personalized insurance plans covering with various responsibilities, we will assist you designing an appropriate insurance arrangement with relatively low premium cost to transfer the risks you may face to insurance company, allowing greater flexibility in financial management and protecting your quality of life.