China B shares

China B shares are also known as Special Renminbi-Denominated Shares, which are shares issued by companies registered in China and listed in Chinese local B market. There are two Chinese local B markets: the Shanghai B shares market and the Shenzhen B shares market. The B shares listed on the shanghai Stock Exchange are settled in US dollars, while the B shares listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange are settled in Hong Kong dollars. Starting from June 1, 2001, all legally-owned foreign currency deposits can be used to trade China B shares. Although the local mainland Chinese are allowed to trade China B shares using the legitimate foreign currency deposits, the trading participants of B Shares are still primarily foreign investors. 

B shares are not settled in physical deliveries, they are booked paperless and settled electronically on the third trading day after transaction date (T+3) and bounded with a 10% price fluctuation limit during market trading hours.

Important Notes for China B Shares Trading

1. Existing account holders are required to fill in the Global Trading System Application form in order to activate China B shares trading service.

2. Apart from brokerage commission, other addition fees please refer to "Fee Table for Global Securities" for the details.

3. Morning trading section is 09:00-11:30; Afternoon trading section is 13:00-15:00.

4. Trade orders of China B shares can be placed starting from 08:30 on each trading day.

5. Lot size of China B shares is set to 100 shares each.

6. Shanghai B shares are settled in US dollars while Shenzhen B shares are settled in HK dollars.

7. Trades are settled on Day T+3.

8. Intra-day stock sale is not allowed with B shares, for instance: B shares bought on day T can only be sold the earliest on day T+1

9. Short-selling is not allowed with B shares.

10. Price fluctuation limit of 10% up/down of the previous closing price applies.

11. No physical stock deposit or withdrawal service available.

12. No Margin Financing service available for China B shares.

(Remark : "T" = "Today/Trading day")